Our Friends,

We have been carrying the flag of the Calls from the Skies for Unification of Humanity with full conviction in our country since the year …………

We have said “yes” to the Calls from the Universal Brotherhood to World Peace through O Livro do Conhecimento for Humanity to accept and embrace each other and unite without any discrimination.

Through Nossos Estudos in the Program of Service to the Human Being, we have been adding our strength to the networks of Energy that will form the foundations of the Golden Age.

All the study programs under the roof of O Livro do Conhecimento are investments made into tomorrow’s just, happy and peaceful world of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Through the positive and conscious reflections of all our Universal Brothers and Sisters who take on their share of the responsibility we are laying the initial Cornerstones of this wonderful formation in the name of Peace and Humanity.

O Livro do Conhecimento, currently translated into 28 languages around the world, was translated into English and published in 1996.

Since then, Nossos Estudos are continuing at full speed as Knowledge Book trainings and seminar programs.

We are growing each day with the new friends joining us.

It would be our greatest joy to see all our friends together under the roof of O Livro do Conhecimento one day.

  • Todas as palestras introdutórias sobre o Livro do Conhecimento são gratuitas e abertas ao público. Ouvir-se-á informação fundamental sobre o Livro e o seu programa de unificação planetária. Aqueles que desejarem também receberão, de presente, um Conjunto Introdutório composto por 3 capítulos do Livro do Conhecimento, e assim poderão experimentar a sua energia e informação.

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